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Ensen(17yo)'s philosophy


ALMONDot, the industrial metal band from Japan

“Sorai”(17) who stood out in the female guitarists world, resonates with the sense & philosophy of philosopher & rapper & Dancer “Ensen” (16), who spent her childhood in London and saw Japan from the outside world, and in April 2023 the Industrial Metal Band "ALMONDot" was launched!



🧠Variety of unique characters and entertainment in Japan have been around for a long time. Anthropomorphizing things like hot spring girls, local mascot characters, and historical figures is an amazing idea.

I also don't think there are any other groups that have a deep-rooted anthropomorphic culture like the one in Kansai where people call candy "Ame-chan".

I think the world should pay more attention to Japan's unique mindset, which blurs the distinction between things and people.

So, one day it occurred to me that Japan should have this identity admired and protected by the people of the world for the future of Japan (Genius!!).

We hope to be able to convey various things like that through music!!



🧠Recently, when I talk about the future with my classmates, they all talk on the premise of leaving Japan.

But Japan is a country where people who can love all things on an anthropomorphic level live, where elaborate and bizarre craftsmanship abounds, and where you can find delicious food wherever you go.

Is there any other island country like this?

To me, this whole country looks like a resort island, and I want it to be a JAPAN that will continue to be loved by the world even when I grow up, not to mention MT.FUJI, SUSHI, OMOTENASHI and so on.

I hope to share these glimpses of Japan through my band activities.



🧠I feel relieved when I return to Japan.

I still miss it when I leave my own country and it's so wonderful to feel that way.

Of course, there are many wonderful things in other countries as well,

I often hear from people I know from overseas who have stayed in Japan that they miss Japan,

I am sure that Japan is full of things that they miss, objectively speaking.

Japan is the first country in the developed world where the population has started to decline.

Japan, the country where everyone says "this country is no more.”

Japan, a country that is warm, polite, beautiful, and crazy.

I want the world to miss it more and more.




🧠2024年3月18日(月)1st EP『鋼鉄-KOUTETSU-』





ALMONDotの頭脳 苑茜(17歳)の哲学






















幼少期をロンドンで過ごし、外の世界から日本を見ていたPhilosoper&Rapper 苑茜 Ensen(17) の感覚・思想に、

Gt&Vo 蒼来(Sorai(18)、Ba&Vo 黒梦(Chrome)、Dr 奏 (Kanade)、Gt UI、メンバー共鳴⚡️2023年4月

Industrial Metal Band  [ALMONDot] 始動!




この ボイコミは、英語、中国語、日本語の3ヶ国語にて展開致します。


🧠A series of "webcomics" featuring the members of the Industrial Metal Band "ALMONDot" will begin!

This "webcomic" will be uploaded in English, Chinese, and Japanese, with voice-recorded versions by the 

【VoiceComic】Birthday of Ensen(ENG)『ALMONDot』#001-004


🧠#ボイコミ #ボイスコミック #webコミック #ALMONDot #Dot1 #アフレコ #日本語  #Japanese (language) #SonyMusic


🧠Industrial Metal Band "ALMONDot "成员为主角的 "网络漫画 "系列开始了!

 è¯¥ "网络漫画 "将以英文、中文和日文上传,并由成员进行后期录音!

 #voicecomic #webコミック #ALMONDot #Dot1  #postrecording #アフレコ #录音后  #中国語 #Chinese(language)

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